rss in job search

November 26, 2009

The users visit a lot of websites whose content continually change,
such as news sites, community organization or professional
association information pages, medical websites, product support
pages, and blogs.As Internet browsing became an intrinsic part of business and
leisure, it became important to get rid of the very tedious task of repeatedly
returning to each website to see updated content.rss feeds helps updating their
knowledge about their favourite sites.

RSS can help webmasters, syndicate their content in real-time, sell their products,
build their list, gather fresh content, promote their company
and boost that one vital element everyone needs more of on
the web – traffic. RSS has simply proven beneficial to those users who have
fully embraced it

benefits of job rss feeds

* The feeds pick up new job listings that meet user criteria.
* The feeds work in a variety of feed readers.
* You can read the feed when it suits you.
* You don’t have to give anyone your email address.
* You can unsubscribe.
* They’re free.

Finding job sites that offer RSS feeds

There are a number of good job sites available. Some have unique content and others pull job listings from many sources.
The best one varies by your keyword and location.for example currently offers job feeds for popular jobs in different locations, countries and keywords.
They have made it easier for you to get the job feeds without actually performing a job search.Get the job feeds by clicking on the small RSS image or link.

searching for a new or better job? If so, take a look at how jobsinworld RSS feeds can help your job search. A RSS job feed can help your
job searching methods by regularly bringing you targeted job


New Job Search Widget Launched

October 28, 2009

Jobsinworld Job Search Widget allows you with a customized search facility for all the current job postings on
This Widget allows your readers to search millions of jobs from thousands of job sites worldwide with one-click search, directly from your blog and websites.

What is a widget?

The widget refers to a section of a web page containing content provided by another site.It is a downloadable interactive tool that acts like an icon on your desktop.A widget adds content to a page provided by another site. Generally widgets are provided by third parties sites, eg. A job board providing the ability for you to display job search functions on your own blog/website.

Jobsinworld Widget Features
1. Recent jobs that are aggregated from thousands of job websites
2. Relevant jobs matching the search keywords and locations
3. Refined search results & get information easily
4. Displays your website/blog logos while using our search    widget from your site.

How to get it and use it!

->The Jobsinworld Job Search Widget was created by Jobsinworld To get it, go to

->Select your Widget and click on Submit Here.

->Fill a simple form and get your widget code.

->Copy and paste the html code into your personal website/blog.

By displaying Jobsinworld widget on your website/blog, you can provide your readers with jobs from

Jobs for all positions in Australia.

December 9, 2008

I found a new jobs site named  with advanced RSS technology used for searching openings from all job sites,

Singapore. I think this site syndicated with all job sites worldwide through RSS feeds. So visitors or job seekers can finding a job on the Internet

easier for than visiting each job site. Through this RSS technology this site connected with database of  job pages originating from company web

sites, recruitment agency web sites and large specialist recruitment sites. You can understand more about RSS Technology Searching by

visiting  .